Damaged fan allowed bird and squirrel entry.


More skunk damage from grub digging. 

Signs of skunk or opossum digging.


Groundhog removed & damage repaired.

Window repaired and installed.

Groundhog damage.

    We Perform Exclusion Work

 Closing off those entry points may prevent repeat nuisance calls.

       If wildlife is getting into your home, we'll identify  the possible entry points and can take steps to correct

the problem.  Wildlife requires shelter for raising their young, denning up for the winter, or possibly just

stopping in for a daytime nap under your deck.  I provide screening techniques for decks and sheds and

can perform minor repairs or modifications to close up entry ports for curious critters.   (see below)

         Trenching technique and screening buried.        Screening painted and landscape restored. 


              Damaged soffit allowed birds access.                 Access  is now denied. 


            Open invitation for a critter residence.                    Critters will look elsewhere to live.