"Milton Berle" 

A Groundhog likely dug the hole, then other animals took advantage. 

These three each had a hole under the same shed. The shed bottom is now animal proof. 

"James Cagney"

My exclusion work will make your property less desirable for wild animals to take up residence! 

"Jimmy Durante" 

Exclusion measures are worth it. 

Skunk Hideout.

Stone and dirt is backfilled. Wire is painted to match shed for pleasant appearance. 

8 skunks,  2 opossums, 1 raccoon, and several rabbits were using this shed for home. 

Tired of your shed being an animal house?

I'll tear it down! 

​Trench dug to bury wire deterrent. 

Hardware cloth applied as an exclusion device. 

Above were sharing the same shed. Exclusion measures are worth it! 

​Skunk evicted and hideout was secured.

For the bats!  3 chamber, 18" x 24 "