A very sick coon removed from neighborhood.

Nuisance Animal Facts 


In the spring and early summer, wildlife is in the process of nesting and nurturing a new family.

You are likely to see many species moving about in the daytime in search of food and water. 

Groundhogs, skunks, raccoons, squirrels, and starlings are often seen in unusal places as they

move out of the den or nest and forage with their mothers, usually close by.  Not every sighting of these animals

in your yard requires a call to a nuisance animal remover.  Often they are just passing through or perhaps taking

temporary cover under your shed or porch.  Perhaps removing a source of food such as a birdfeeder or outside

pet dish for a week or so will remedy the situation.   If you find though, that they are overstaying their welcome

or  posing a conflict with  your buildings,  pets, or own young ones, it's time to call an authorized trapper.  A

responsible trapper will have knowledge and ability to utilize the correct equipment to handle the situation.  

Once it is assured all the critters have been captured, he/she may also have the ability to secure the shed

base or access hole to prevent recurrence. 

Also, remember that young wildlife usually have a parent around to care for them. It is always best to leave

young wildlife alone. It is never a good idea to handle wildlife whether it is young , old, healthy looking, or sick. 

Call a professional to assess and handle the situation.  

 ​Trapper Marty